1. Welcome new guy. Be kind with him please, thanks!

  2. Here is my 3 years old project, but I still like it, its kinda sad but anyway, enjoy.

  3. This is the first part of project files of my “shattering” project. It’s nothing special, but I hope it can be useful for beginners in Cinema 4D, just like me)

    Shattering cinema 4d project files

  4. My entry to GSG competition,tired of this peace so much :) somehow vimeo destroyed my dust elements which i love so much :’(

    Tools: 3D Max (modeling), Cinema 4D (animation, light, textures), After Effects (the rest shit)


  5. Designcollector organized a Russian panel at OFFF 2011 where I have been presented in “young blood” category. Arseniy has told about the best experts from Russia, and it is very pleasant to me to appear in this list, thanks guys!

  6. motioninspired:

    I couldn`t express myself more clear then this video.

    It was nice the first 200 times I watched animations like that.

    #motiondesign #cliche #motionographer

  7. Hey guys, I post something here is quite rare, because the post needs something important to have, but I am more active on the twitter!/alexandmotion

    Anyway here is my last project, Its a logo for MMORPG “Royal Quest” by Kataury, enjoy

  8. Follow me on twitter

    Hey guys, Ive just start to tweet, so you can follow me and ill follow you for sure ;)

  9. mikepolak said: Hello:)
    Just wanted to say that I'm really impressed by your works. I've recently came by your animation "Shattering" on vimeo and I think it's amazing. Love this kinda illustrative style. Would love to learn how to do something like this. Could you share your project files so I can learn from them? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance and have a nice day:)


    Thank you Mike a lot! I really appreciate it! Yes I’ll upload cinema 4d projects in close 2 days, and after effects ones a bit later.

  10. About color schemes

    I want to share with you to several sites which will help you to be defined with the color scheme of your next work, I often use them and know what? I really like it! So, here they are:

    1. Kuler by adobe

    2. Colorschemedesigner

    3. Colourlovers

  11. Hey! I’ve won the gorilla’s “Best Present Ever” Five Second Project. Actually I participated for the first time in this competition and I’ve won it, it’s so cool :) Here is my entry

  12. Here is my new motion project which I’ve done while exploring Cinema 4D. I was inspired by Takuya Hosogane’s works, maaan hes so awesome! BTW guys, if you want any project files or explanations just tell me about that.